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Sears DT190
Supplemental Instructions

Precision tire gauges       
Recognized World-Wide For Quality

Save 3% per fill up with proper inflation

Potential gas savings

You can improve your gas mileage by at least 3.3% by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure. Properly inflated tires are safer and last longer and can save you 5 to 15 cents per gallon.

Check tire pressure at least once a month.

Based on information from US Department of Energy.

EZ-Air Tire Gauge
Model# EZ02
Patent Pending
  • Use with gas station compressor for quick tire inflation
  • Save time and money inflating your tires
  • Accurate pressure in one smooth operation
Model# EZ01
  • Top Rated off-road 4x4 deflation tool
  • 2" dial
  • Includes protective rubber gauge guard
  • Vinyl storage bag
  • Patented by Burkey Manufacturing (#5,665,908)

Countertop Displays

   Wire Rack Displays Mini Gauge Displays
  • 30 mini gauges
  • 16 pencil gauges
  • 4 digital gauges
  • 2 pouches for mini gauge
  • 10 mini gauges

More Retail Displays

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